Double Digits! Our Tenth Harvest

August 26, 2020

We have reached a small milestone - if only significant in terms of its numeric difference, our tenth harvest serves as an impetus for us to consider the longevity this project requires. 10 weeks of donating fresh produce to food pantries is an accomplishment to be built upon! And we are grateful for the continued enthusiasm and support as we grow and build.

This week, we donated the majority of our produce to the Catskill Community Food Shelf. As the hours of their food pantry came to a close and everyone had showed up, there was an excess of kale and collards bunches, which were delivered to Community Action of Greene County’s Emergency Food Pantry.

78 bunches of green curly, lacinato, red russian kale + 15 stalks red curly kale

37 bunches collards

18 bags of lettuce/kale/arugula micro greens mix

26 lbs. eggplant

22 lbs. tomatoes

18 lbs. peppers

32 sprigs basil

10 lbs. peaches

3 large watermelons, cut into pieces and bagged

Catskill Community Micro Farm volunteer harvesting eggplant

Catskill Community Micro Farm volunteer harvesting tomatoes

Catskill Community Micro Farm volunteer harvesting greens

Catskill Community Micro Farm volunteers

Catskill Community Micro Farm greens harvest food pantry donation

Catskill Community Micro Farm food pantry donation