The 19th Harvest - and We'll See About Frost

October 28, 2020

Happy…Winter? Harvest #19 was donated to the Catskill Food Pantry on Wednesday

With this cold spell looming, we harvested as much as possible from our raised beds this week. Delivered to the Catskill Food Pantry:

45 bunches kale

15 bunches collards

26 lbs. beets

11 lbs. peppers

Catskill Community Micro Farm greens harvest

Catskill Community Micro Farm harvest

We are going to see how well the plants respond to this cold. The kale and collards plants which have been producing all year, might not make it through. However, we’re covering the new baby greens - spinach and kale - in hopes that we can get more micro green harvests in the future.

So, depending on how it goes, we will let you know if the garden will still need watering for these last 2-3 weeks.

Catskill Community Micro Farm spinach uncovered

Catskill Community Micro Farm spinach covered